At Trinity Episcopal Day School we bring the activities to you, or better yet, to the school!  From sports, to the arts, to music, we offer a variety of after school programs that your son or daughter may participate in.  What will you do with all of your extra time?


Piano: K-5th Grade

15 private 30 minute piano lessons per semester with the teacher and a recital at the conclusion of the semester. An additional 15 minutes of music theory is included in the tuition.

Fun Science: 1st-5th Grade

Students will perform 1-2 experiments per day depending on the length of the experiment. Age appropriate concept handout included, and materials are supplied.

Art: PK & Kindergarten

Students paint on canvas, use 3-D art, watercolor and other mediums to create masterpieces.

Art: K-2nd Grade

Painting, cooking, sewing, creating, cutting and learning all about art!

Tots Basketball: PK & Kindergarten

Tots Basketball is 3 programs in ONE: Athletics, Academics, and Agilities that teaches basketball, ball-handling skills for children, ages 3-6 years old. Children will learn 25 ball-handling skills and will work on fine/gross motor development, as well as sharpening their focus and coordination skills.

Dance: PK3-3rd Grade

Students are taught the basics of dance and perform a recital for parents at the end of the year.

Teddy Tennis: PK & Kindergarten

This activity uses music, pictures and stories to encourage young children to get active and learn to play tennis.

Break-Point Tennis: 1st - 5th Grade

Tennis classes are on-site after school. Join the fun and give your child the exposure to the “sport of a lifetime”.

Trinity Unplugged: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Inspiring kids to stay active and have fun! Once a week students increase their physical activity levels and learn important life skills. The season ends with a noncompetitive 5k event.