We're off and running in Pre-K 4!  We've been learning each other’s names; learning all about our different centers and their names; following the rules on our new playground; and exploring our emotions at school!  Whew!  And we've still had time for snack and lunch...the most important times of the day!
Ask your child about Humpty Dumpty, The Cookie Jar Game (learning names), The Three Little Kittens (we talked about losing things and how to NOT lose things), and the Corduroy books (2).  These were all some fun ways in which we talked about the importance of names for people, places and things!
We’ve talked about feeling sad and scared at school….Little Miss Muffet helped us with this one so ask your child about acting out the Little Miss Muffet Rhyme. 
We read The Kissing Hand too and they loved it!  Our Kissing Hand book is almost finished...if you haven't sent your handprint, picture and note in; please do so as quickly as you can.  The other books we're reading are listed on our "Books We Are Reading" page.
We will talk about our rules at school this week…Mary Had a Little Lamb helped to get us started late last week!  We wondered why she wasn’t allowed to bring that lamb to school.  And then we began talking about our own rules and why we have them.