Darlene Stoltzfus

Degree(s) and school attended:
B.S. in Education from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

What motivated you to become a teacher?
I had some great elementary school teachers who were never afraid to let students explain things to their peers, and I realized I was pretty good at it!  In high school I had a great math teacher who was not afraid to let students know that she didn’t know everything, giving us great opportunities to explore and learn what we could by cooperating and sharing ideas.  I found out learning was a FUN thing and just had to share it!

Why did you choose to teach at Trinity?
Trinity is such a safe and yet exciting place to learn!  I think what really appealed to me about it was the intimacy and Christian atmosphere.  The intimacy provides real opportunities for children to connect, form relationships and learn from other grade levels…you don’t get that in bigger schools.

What do you want your students to gain from you and your classroom?
I want my students to become independent in their abilities and their thinking.  I want them to know that learning can come from inside us just as much from outside us, and that learning is fun when we realize how powerful it makes us.  I want them to WANT to be lifelong learners!