Fifth Grade Curriculum Overview

Fifth Grade at Trinity Episcopal Day School is multi-faceted and stimulating.  The learning activities set forth encourage exploration, cooperation and mastery of core skill knowledge.  In addition, Trinity strives to promote Christian values and principles in everything we do.  It is our goal to create a vibrant, child-centered program that is designed to capture students’ interests and fully engage them in the learning process.  Each student has a Google Chromebook which gives the ability to access digital tools and resources in all subject areas.  Students learn research skills, keyboarding, digital citizenship and other applications in a safe and closely monitored setting. 

The fifth grade Language Arts curriculum extends essential literacy skills including reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.  Students are exposed to a variety of genres as well as books of their own choosing.  Writing instruction focuses on preparing clear and focused essays with formal introductions, supporting evidence and conclusions. 

The fifth grade Everyday Math program aims to build confidence and enthusiasm.  This curriculum offers innovative engaging activities which emphasize computation skills, problem-solving skills, algebraic thinking and communication about mathematical topics. 

Science Lab Learner Cell Investigations encourage students to explore Life, Earth and Physical Science principles. Students are able to spend several hours per week in our Science Lab.

Students learn about United States history and geography including the development of the United States and the formation of a nation.  The study of current events is enhanced through the use of multiple online grade appropriate websites.

In addition to our academic curriculum, the fifth graders enjoy Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Art, Library, Religion, Science Lab and ongoing Computer/Keyboarding instruction.

Special Events and Activities:

In addition to our core curriculum and enrichment classes, field trips, programs, projects, and special activities support and enhance the 5th grade experience for Trinity students. All fifth graders look forward to our End of the Year trip to Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

5th Grade Scientist:  Maddie Myers LSU

Maddie travels to Antarctica and Alaska each year. The fifth graders enjoy being able to Skype while she is away.

Integrated STEAM/Science Robotics Fair

Students research and construct robots which are judged by volunteers from the LSU Science Department.


Students have the opportunity to serve as acolytes on a rotation basis for weekly Eucharist services.

Computer Instruction

Students participate in yearlong computer instruction. (Google Chromebooks)

Book Buddies

Students meet each Friday with their PreK 4 buddies for planned reading activities.

5th Grade Snack Bar

Students set up, stock and sell snacks each Friday to raise funds for the end of the year trip.

5th Grade Christmas Wrapping Paper Sale

Students organize and deliver all order to Trinity students and parents.

5th Grade visits the Shepherd’s Market

Students visit the Market each year as a community outreach class project.

Middle School Shadow Day

5th graders spend a time shadowing middle school at St. Luke’s Episcopal School and Episcopal High School to learn about and prepare for middle school.

Moving Up to Middle School

Area Middle Schools spend an evening with parents and students to learn about the many options students have when choosing a middle school.

Trinity Day School Fifth Grade