First Grade Curriculum Overview

First Grade at Trinity Episcopal Day School is a fun, exciting year offering learning through a balance of direct instruction and project-oriented teaching methods.  The Language Arts program offers rich, engaging fictional stories and informational articles.  Grammar skills, spelling and instructional writing as well as differentiated instruction and leveled readers are included in our program of studies.  The Math program encourages students to “think out of the box.”  They work collaboratively using a balance of technology enhanced and inquiry and problem based approaches.    The spiral curriculum introduces students to repeated exposure to key ideas throughout the year.  Science and Social Studies are taught through our engaging thematic units including The Rainforest, Pumpkins, Marsupials, Bones and Eggs.  First graders participate in team building STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities.  Students visit the Science Lab each week for activities using the Lab Learner Program, to encourage problem and project based inquiries.  Technology integration includes coding, keyboarding, research, organizing, evaluating and communicating ideas and information.

Special Events and Activities:

Egg Drop

To culminate our "Egg"-cellent egg unit, students will think creatively to find ways to help their egg “survive” the big drop!

Squid Dissection

Following a study of THE GIANT SQUID, students will dissect their own squids in the Science lab.

Pen Pal Picnic

First graders join their pen pals from St. Luke’s Episcopal School for a day of food, fun and fellowship.  Many remain friends for years to come.

Young Authors’ Day

Students collaborate to create stories that are then copied and illustrated in a hardback book and finally presented to parents and friends.

Trinity Day School First Grade