PreSchool Curriculum Overview

For many years, Trinity’s preschool philosophy has been based on using a developmentally appropriate approach. This means that we believe strongly in allowing children to learn at their own rate within a wide range of appropriate developmental stages.  Our philosophy includes the premise that young children learn best through play, using a language- rich, hands- on environment that encourages children to explore and discover.

In a developmentally appropriate practice the teacher not only focuses on how children develop but also the individual strengths, needs and interests of each child.  When children play they share their interests, and learn from one another’s strengths.  They hone their language skills through compromise and sharing.  When this play is accompanied by effective monitoring and intentionality by the teacher, the learning possibilities are endless. 


The Creative Curriculum gives our program a curriculum that not only focuses on intentionality in play, but is also a project based approach to learning that encourages children to explore and discover.  The Creative Curriculum is a highly researched curriculum that has evolved through the years.  We are using the fifth and newest edition of the curriculum.  It is a project based curriculum which means that children learn many disciplines (math, science, language, and social studies) as they explore and discover a unit of study.  It is student driven in the sense that children’s knowledge of the subject is assessed prior to the study.  The children then realize all they already know and are asked “What do you want to find out?”  The investigations in the study then include all the things the teacher would like the students to learn and what the students have asked to find out as well.  The investigations include real-life hands-on discoveries that broaden the students’ knowledge of the subject.

PreK 4 Special Events

Mardi Gras Parade

St. Jude Trike-A-Thon

PreK 4 Field Trips

Fall - Hilltop Arboretum

Spring - Ag Magic (LSU)


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