Religion Curriculum Overview

In Pre K through 5th grade at Trinity, we focus on the Godly Play curriculum created by Jerome Berryman.  Godly Play supports the truth that children are born with a strong spiritual connection to God. In order to foster their spirituality, children need to be given the right language and freedom to continue their growth.  Godly Play offers our students spiritual direction and leads them to know God instead of just knowing about God. 

In a typical religion class, our students get to experience a biblical story and are given time to create meaning from it.  They watch and listen as the sacred stories, liturgical stories, and parables are brought to life.  The stories are presented through the use of wooden figures, felt pieces, props, golden parable boxes and a large “desert box” on wheels.  After they experience the story they are encouraged to answer “wondering” questions.  So many rich connections are made when we wonder about a story.  Afterwards, they have time to create personal meaning from the story, through artistic expression or “work.” They may choose to watercolor a picture, work with clay, retell a story on the carpet, and many other things.  This expression time gives the children artistic freedom to connect to God and thank Him for the story they heard.  We would love for you to come experience Godly Play at Trinity! It would be our pleasure to introduce you to this fabulous curriculum.

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