Third Grade Curriculum Overview

Third Graders at Trinity Episcopal Day School focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration throughout the curriculum.  The reading program includes a variety of literary genres in which we apply the corresponding weekly vocabulary.  This program also provides our English units including grammar and mechanics, phonics, and writing skills.  Novel studies are incorporated throughout the year.   Our Math program emphasizes number and numeration, operations and computation, geometry, measurement and reference frames, patterns, functions, and algebra.  Corresponding math thinking includes integration with technology and other multi-media sources.  Students focus on their home state of Louisiana through units of geography history, civics, culture and more. Students research and complete projects on assigned aspects of Louisiana and its culture.  Third graders also research the Presidents of the United States and complete their projects with a presentation.  Hands on activities guide students as they apply the concepts they are studying in Science.  Topics in Science include measuring and describing matter, electricity, magnetic forces, our solar system, and ecosystems and adaptations.  Students visit the Science Lab each week to continue investigations through experiments and problem solving.

Special Events and Activities:

Swamp Tour/Avery Island

Third graders rotate years attending either a narrated swamp tour to help strengthen their knowledge of the geography, history and wildlife of our state or visiting and exploring Avery Island.

Presidential Presentations

Students will research, collaborate, and demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work on a Presidential report and presentation.

Trinity Episcopal Day School Third Grade